Melissa Patrick, MSW

Founder | President

We can no longer cover our eyes or ears to the alarming disparities within our society. When the difficulties of trying to navigate through the nuances of race, culture, and ethnicity become too overwhelming I am here to help you find solutions. This is why I founded Equity & Expectations. I offer my services to be your next best guide to understanding the world around you when it comes to racism, equity, inclusion, and diversity. 


I am a Black Jewish woman. I know firsthand of the polarizing views of race and the power knowledge provides in bringing awareness. As an Educator, Social Worker, and Learning & Development professional, I’ve spent decades training others on how to approach the unknown when it comes to racism, and how to empower others to use the tools I give them.

I earned my MSW from Columbia University’s School of Social Work and BA in Urban Affairs and Teaching from the University of Rhode Island. I’m a mother of three with a passion to make an impact that will be a lifelong contribution for generations to come. Ultimately, I specialize in equipping organizations and companies on how to be a part of the solution and how through practical strategies they can influence real change in the world. I'm not here to judge you, I’m here to help. We’re in this together!