Melissa Patrick, MSW

she / her

Melissa is a Human Relations Educator and Racial Equity Activist. She identifies as a Black Jewish woman and was 26 years old before meeting another Black Jewish person. Her personal experiences of being othered have fueled her purpose to dismantle racism and advance peace and health. Melissa has turned painful experiences of being othered into a passion to advance diversity, equity, and belongingness in the world. Melissa loves to create spaces for authentic conversations to happen. She believes that who we are influences how we communicate our similarities and differences in relation to others. 


She is the Founding President of Equity & Expectations, a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEI&J) firm that offers training, coaching, and consultation on issues related to race, privilege, bias, and other diversity dimensions. For almost 20 years Melissa has been working with clients who want workplaces and learning spaces that are antiracist and free of other forms of identity-based discrimination. She has taught graduate level courses on multicultural education and antiracism pedagogy, served on the Advisory Council of The Education Cooperative (TEC), and is a consultant with Initiatives for Developing Equity and Achievement for Students (IDEAS).


Melissa has been recognized for her commitment to public service and staff development. In 2020, Newton-Needham Regional Chamber of Commerce named her as one of the 50 Most Influential Business Leaders of Color in the Western Suburbs. In 2021, Melissa was selected to participate in the Babson Black Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program. Melissa serves as a Board member on two organizations: Natick is United and The Peace Flag Movement. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting racial and social justice. She is also an invited member of The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston's Council (JCRC).

Melissa earned her MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work and a BA in Urban Affairs and Teaching from the University of Rhode Island. Her antiracist training was through Society Organized Against Racism, Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (S.E.E.D) Project at Wellesley College, and Empowering Multicultural Initiatives (EMI). She received her Multicultural Communications training through VISIONS and has her DEI in the Workplace Certificate from the University of Southern Florida.

Melissa resides in Natick on Massachusetts/Nipmuc land with her three teenagers and two cats.


Chiavone Mobley

she / her

Chiavone assists clients in identifying their ‘why’ for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB). She helps organizations develop and deliver people-first focused strategies to break down barriers and build bridges to foster community, equity and belonging. 
She provides strategic direction and frameworks for the planning and implementation of community-based programs, employee engagement and business initiatives centered around EDIB. She is also a coach and community activist with a goal to serve and educate the communities she is most passionate about — those who must fight harder for their success.

Chiavone is a masterful project manager with personal passions to make a long-lasting impact with those in inner-city communities, those who are aspiring and active allies for social justice, and those who are driven by getting involved in “good trouble.” 
Chiavone earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, earned a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from Walden University and is a certified SEL trainer for WHYTRY. She also has her DEI in the Workplace Certificate from the University of Southern Florida and Project Management certification from Duke.

Chiavone Mobley (she/her) is Co-Founder for HUMANITY thru Equity, LLC and the leading organizer.


Sydni Makemo

she / her

Sydni gained extensive experience as an activist, a community organizer with the ACLU of Utah, and business owner. Her work experience has spanned many roles, but each position resulted in her making positive change in the lives of others.  
Sydni has had a passion for fighting for equity in all spheres of her community since a very young age and along with formal education at Dixie State University, she has fed her insatiable appetite for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) in her personal life, as well.
She first started educating the community on these matters after being asked by BIPOC organizers in Utah to do Allyship trainings to help those that were just getting started on this very personal journey. 
Based in Utah, Sydni travels throughout the state and surrounding states fighting for civil rights and educating on issues relating to racial equity and social justice.
When she’s not working, she loves canyoneering, hiking, running, and instilling the value of always standing up for others in her two young children.

Sydni Makemo (she/her) is Co-Founder for HUMANITY thru Equity, LLC and a principal consultant.