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Finding Your Voice

When it comes to talking about race and racism it can be scary, confusing, intimidating. What I often hear from White people is “I feel ill-equipped” or “I don’t have the tools or skills” to have a conversation.” I remember one situation when a client, a White man, approached me as I had just finished facilitating a PD workshop about race. He thanked me for coming and said he was relieved I could facilitate the conversation because he did not have anything to share about race, even though he had just participated in the workshop. I reminded him of his recent and valuable contributions and that everyone has a story to share, it is just a matter of finding it. Afterall, we are all racial beings.

So how do you find your personal story about race? How does race fit into who you are? How do you speak from a place where you can listen, learn and share your voice? 

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