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Standing in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter Movement

If you are writing a solidarity statement on behalf of your organization or group, then here are some helpful tips.

  1. Start out with a self-identification. For example: On behalf of Ben & Jerry’s or APIA Education Leaders. This conveys the message that race matters. Your message is coming from a racially aware position. Not from a colorblind platform.

  2. Apologize for the anti-Black systemic racism and other acts of hate that target BIPOC. This conveys compassion and sympathy.

  3. Empathize for the loss of life. Afterall, many people are identifying with families who have lost loved ones. We are grieving and mourning.

  4. Commit or recommit to dismantle anti-Black racism, and racism in general with specific actions.

There is a one statement I would be remiss if I did not mention. That is This company used their unique purpose to publish a powerful statement.

If you have time, then check out this excerpt from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah where he shares his observations and sharp wit.

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