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Welcome to Equity & Expectations

Because cultures count and mindsets matter

Equity & Expectations is the result of my lifelong commitment to racial justice and the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEI & J). Organizations and communities are thinking about race, class, and other aspects of identity like never before. It seems that more than ever people want to have challenging conversations, especially about racism. Individuals and organizations are asking questions about being antiracist, being an ally, coping with microaggressions, how to respond to implicit bias. This is when it is time to call Equity & Expectations. 


For years we have supported clients with unique needs, varying levels of awareness, and different degrees of readiness to act. Whether responding to an immediate crisis or formulating long-term goals for your organization Equity & Expectations can assist you. We listen, learn, and offer training, coaching, strategic advisement and other services to meet your needs.


We have partnered with clients in industries such as: education, healthcare, faith-based organizations, social services, and government agencies. Although our specialization is helping clients implement antiracist initiatives, programs, and policies, our team has a deep understanding of other diversity dimensions, social group identity development, intersectionality, privilege, bias, and systemic oppressions. Ultimately, Equity & Expectations equips clients with practical strategies they can influence real change in the world. 


If you seek guidance or solutions for your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion related challenges, then schedule time with me because our team can help. We are not here to judge you, we are here to help. Afterall, we are in this together!

Peace and health,




Melissa Patrick has a skillful ability to listen and engage with people. After our brief conversation, I felt empowered to continue learning and reflecting on ways to become more consistently anti-racist, while also leading others around me to do the same."

Paula Thoms, Associate Head Coach

Cornell University Women's Rowing

Sampling of Clients

Tufts Health Plan

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