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Equity & Expectations is the result of my lifelong commitment to racial justice and the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Current events have many people thinking about race and racism like never before. More and more White people are feeling a sense of urgency and this is good. Many Black people are hoping this momentum leads to real change. This is the space that we specialize in.

If you seek guidance or solutions to your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion related challenges, then schedule time with us because we can help. Whether responding to an immediate crisis or formulating long-term goals for your organization we can support your DEI process.



Melissa Patrick has a skillful ability to listen and engage with people. After our brief conversation, I felt empowered to continue learning and reflecting on ways to become more consistently anti-racist, while also leading others around me to do the same.

Paula Thoms, Associate Head Coach

Cornell University Women's Rowing

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